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Nouget and an update!

Just came back from a 3 hour walking episode in downtown Greensboro with Nuke, Ram and her dog Sammy. It was pretty neat because I've been trying to get Ram to understand the importance of using an easy leash for her dog since he pulls very badly. Nuke has had an easy leash since he came to me as a puppy so he has been trained to respond well to any variety of harnesses or leashes that I choose for him. Sammy is a 2 year old border collie chow mix who loves to take anyone holding onto him for a trip! Sammy is amazing in his personality. I see many similarities between Sammy and Ram. They're both misunderstood a lot, and don't get appreciated very much both in and out of the house. That's something I have learned while living here with Ram's family. She takes a lot of shit, and so does Sammy. It makes me feel bad honestly because while looking into my past, apart from losing my mom and dad, I've had it pretty easy. I've been given the opportunities to hear and go to school for free. Many others are not given such a grand opportunity and its unfortunate because some of these individuals really do deserve a lot out of life, instead they get left with measly things. I've tried to turn around my ways of seeing life and all that inhabit it. I'm also trying to not think just about myself, but also about others.

I also started looking into Carowinds as a possible site to do my internship for my LAST Recreational class needed for my major (apart from my 2 other minors, which I have to also finish in order to graduate). So far, to my knowledge, Carowinds offer travel pay which is pretty neat when you think about it but driving 4 hours a day for work is kinda... eh? I'm going to look at other opportunities such sub-leasing for a person who lives in the area of Charlotte. I also forgot to mention in my last lj update that I am working closely with 4 other group members in planning and coordinating UNCG's very own Spring Fling which is to take place this spring obviously. It will offer a full day's worth of fun, games, music and tournaments to help raise money for the RTH club. I'm excited about being offered this great opportunity to plan an event with others in benefit to both UNCG and the community of UNCG.


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