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It's now June 9th, 2010 and instead of studying for my Statistics exam which I have tomorrow Im doing this. Almost a whole year has gone by again and I'm still terrible at updating this thing. Basic highlights though include:

- Junior now and taking summer classes (Statistics / Western Civilization / Practicum)
- I'm 21 now and have my own car insurance due to 3 speeding tickets and a minor wreck. I hate it.
- I'm still Recreation major with a minor in Business and it's still hell but I love it. I'm also planning on attending Graduate school to major in Mechanical Engineering and Marine Biology.
- I no longer work as a piercer for the tattoo shop because sadly it shut down, instead I'm focusing on school and my job at Wet N' Wild. I like it.
- I've had a lot of rebounds and never really cared for any of these rebounds but still... even to this day I still love this one person and it kills me at how stupid my decisions are. I hate who I was earlier in terms of relationships but since I'm actually "feeling" these emotions is really hurts. I can see why they say heartbreaks a bitch sometimes its because of allowing yourself to completely love that person and just being so completely happy with that person.
- Yah, I know this girl got me good and I didn't think anyone would ever be able to get to me, but she did. She really did.
- I have a new razzle phone and I love it.
- I live in an apartment (Andover Park Apartments) and I like it apart from that one night where there was a shoot-out that occurred a floor below me.
- I have two puppies.
- I guess in general I'm content with my life but it could be worse so I'm thankful it's not as bad as it could be.


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